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The Scientist And The Chief

Metawhat? If you’ve ever tried to teach someone how to drive, you may know the sensation of having to break down things you worked hard at to make second nature. Teachers are good at this. We are not all teachers. Why must the Chief and the Scientist be continually doing this to each other? It is difficult to produce actionable software results if the moving parts of your solution resemble the sharing of new developer work with other developers than it is delivering working black boxes to decision-makers. The problem with the framework of train-train-train is it is not the way to produce black boxes. Like Engineer Squeak, the train conductor who cannot resist playing his flute, you will callous people to your info so that you now contribute to noise more than signal. Imagine a scenario: Fire is burning over a ridge and down. Is there alignment on the other side? Factors: How much time do I have to insert or remove ground traffic into this area? To be empirical, your decision needs to be based on measurements and rules. Breaking down the rules of this decision takes time, but it’s good to have someone double-check your work, so

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